Oscar Season

Kate Hudson(Brooke Hall) announced my category which was “Most Stylish Blogger Award”, and guess what, I won!!!!! I’m very excited to give my speech and in case you are wondering what designer I’m wearing, it’s a mint terry cloth robe by Restoration Hardware.  Here we go I have a few minutes and 7 things to … Continue reading

Old School Video Of The Day

This is one of my favorite songs/movies E-V-A!!!! I wanted to be Appolonia and I sure as hell wanted to be Prince’s girl.  Back then in 1984 Prince and I were he same height, so it would have worked perfectly.  However, these days if you don’t clear my nipples, you don’t even exist. This is … Continue reading

Perfect Thank-You Card

For me a simple, yet thoughtful, thank you card can be daunting at times.  It’s not that I’m unsure of what to say, but more to the point I want it to be perfect, but we all know that perfect doesn’t exist. I recall seeing the example below and it made it really easy for … Continue reading

Winter Kate

I would wear every single thing in this slideshow and her man Alex Skarsgard, I would definitely hit that!

4:30am Alarm

Just kidding, I love my job.  There are SO many cool people, and the list goes on, but today I almost shat in my lulu’s when I saw Ferris Bueller walk in.  Its been awhile since I got starstruck, but I LOVE the 80’s and who didn’t watch that movie over and over????? Well, I’m … Continue reading

Sweet Talk The Sequel

Him: “Hey babe, what are you watching?” Me: ” The Housewives.” Him: “Is it the Atlanta one?” Me: “No, it’s the Beverly Hills one, I love these crazy chicks!” Him: “Well, did you tape the Atlanta one?” Me: ” Yes, but its gone,” Him:”  You watched it without me?!?” “Aww babe, that sucks!” “So what … Continue reading

Good Hair

So the only thing I appreciate about the Victoria Secret Fashion show these days are the ladies hair and makeup, but mostly the hair.I love  their big bouncy curls, but I do not have time to individually wrap each section of my head around a curling iron, who the hell does?? Well, Im excited to … Continue reading


Please lord help me!!! This is my mecca, the place where i feel the safest. I mean, a cherry Now & Later pulled out my first baby tooth.  Besides being so freaking cool, it just slows tha candy has been there for me through thick and thin and ultimately it completes me.  The pictures below are … Continue reading

Old School Movie Of The Day

It was love at first sight!! I was only 7 years old, but it didn’t matter.  I thought she was so cool,a bad ass, and I wanted her boobs. This scene weirdly enough made me love Hamburger Helper, don’t ask me why.  In my mind she is frozen likes this forever, but I recently saw … Continue reading


STYLE FILE NYC, snapped me while I was waiting for the F train, such a nice surprise before going to work. Jacquelene was rad, check out her blog by clicking on the link.  Scroll down for some snap shots. Coat- Men’s Oversize Coat Bag- H Hat- Urban Outfitters Boots- Zara