Chanel Lust

What can I say??

I love them!

I want one!!

They are too damn expensive, but I have panic attacks & wet dreams about owning one.  Thanks to some inspiring words & amazing generosity from my sweet boyfriend, that dream is coming real very soon. In the meantime, I spend hours googling “celebs carrying a Chanel large black caviar bag”.  Desperate, I know, but hey its better to fill my time looking at something that is actually tangible versus pictures of Demi Moore on yachts, or Suri  Cruise and her queer high heels or my recent favorite!!!

The man & I went to the Chanel store in Soho on News Years Eve, & I’m expecting a call very soon, saying my bag is in, HOLLA! I will post pics soon.

UPDATE:  I told you I’m obsessed, I called them again today and the lady said “Uhm, yes Miss Hanson, we have you on the list already.”  “WE WILL call your crazy, obsessive, nagging ass when it gets here!!!!!!” Ok, so the last part was actually my subconscious.

UPDATE: 1/6/11 I got my baby!!! Brandon(lady) called me early Thursday morning and said ” Kindra, only one bag came in and its yours!!” I seriously almost shed a tear.  Some of you know how long I’ve wanted this bag.  No, I didn’t first fall in love with it, when every girl on the Hills show starting carrying one like all of us girls did with Coach bags in the 90’s, holla!! But, I remember reading, let’s be honest you can’t read US Weekly (2007), but rather I was looking through for pictures and there she was, Ashley Olsen and my Chanel.  Forward to 2011 and I got it!  I imagine the only thing that will surpass this feeling of joy is, seeing my child, once they wake me up from the whole ordeal, or meeting Madonna in person!!

Whats that you say, “what about your wedding?” Well my response is, “I don’t fucking think so!”  Sorry to my boo if he reads this, but let’s be real, my ass will happily wear a JCrew Bridal dress, with 4 people in total attending and it could be  located at the Botanical Gardens for all I care-woot woot!!

NOW, Gaze below and see heaven on earth- I DIE!!!

Source: Who What Wear


Source: Who What Wear


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