Supa- Star!!!!!!

I was minding my own business, walking in Soho on Christmas Eve and BAM a guy with a camera asks to take my picture.  Well, my first impulse was to say “fuck off”, but then he said the magic words, ” I’m a fashion blogger & I love what you are wearing & I want to feature you on”  After that I completely changed my disposition from, street smart New Yorker with a mean tiger-claw, to a sweet, demure, and humbled lady who was so flattered—stop laughing, I can turn it on when I need to!

I felt MA-JOR for all 2 minutes and I totally know how Angelina must feel everyday, not really, actually not at all, baaaaaaaah!! You can click on the Essence link above, or view the pics below.

Purse- H & M, I got it in Madrid Spain

Glasses -Ray Ban

Hat- Urban Outfitters

Lace Skirt- The Reformation

Shoes- TopShop

Coat- Christian Dior (vintage, great story, but for another entry)

Things to ignore: My dumb ass pigeon toe foot, half of the fringe still stuck inside of the big hole, and the look of constipation on my face, thanks!!!

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