25 Things You Don’t Know About Me!!!

1. I lied & told kids in school my middle name was Nicole, instead of Faye.
2. I like to heat up ice cream & eat it like soup.
3. I thought I was allergic to mushrooms & oranges for most of my life.  Thanks Mom!
4. I can play the oboe.
5. I curse like a sailor.
6. I wanted to be a gynecologist when I was younger.
7. I would lez out with Madonna anywhere/anytime. Me love her long time, Im beyond obsessed.
8. I hate to fly!
9. I’ve been running a million dollar company since I was 23.
10.I dumped my 3rd grade boyfriend( Anthony Scott) for answering his call waiting.
11. I remember all of the home numbers of all my friends from elementary school.
12. I’m a hypochondriac- I’ve had an aneurysm, heart attack, scabies, low iron, etc…
13. I forged my birth certificate at 14 to get a summer job.
15. I ate a whole bottle of Flintstones vitamins & didn’t shit for a couple of weeks.
16. I was in NY on 9/10/01 and I was suppose to still be there on 9/11, but I finished my modeling job early.
17.  I love museums & painters-obsessed.
18. I was born drunk! My mom had half a pint of vodka, and the Dr said I didnt cry when I first came out because of it.
19. Family nickname is Kindra Cakes.
20. I kiss my dogs in the mouth.
21. If I don’t eat or sleep, I’m the nastiest person you will ever meet.
22. I cut the hair & sometimes head off of all my Barbie’s.  Got my ass whooped.
23. I have my favorite/ future baby names in my phone, weirdly no boys are on it.
24. I was obsessed with All My Children & One Life To Live. Max & Blair FOR-EV-ER!!
25. I miss my dad tremendously.

That was fun! I hope you learned some new stuff about me:-)

3 Responses to “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me!!!”
  1. Brooke says:

    Omg!!!! Things I learned ;
    the oboe-gotta see this one day
    I would gag and have to leave the room in elementary school when kids did that to their ice creAm
    You don’t look like a nicole 😉
    The call waiting….good for you girl! You knew what you needed even that young!
    Love our blog

  2. Gwen says:

    Aww just catching up on some of my old emails – I learned a couple of thing about ya!!

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