Masculine Coats

Missy Rayder by Laurie Bartley for Harper’s Bazaar UK October 2010

I don’t buy British fashion magazines and I sure as hell don’t subscribe to them.  However, I was in the hair salon recently and came across this spread and LOVED it!! Besides the gorgeous Mid-Western Missy Raydar, I love the masculine tailoring of the coats along with the feminine colors that all in all makes a very sharp look.

So, I pride myself on being a flea market/thrift store connoisseur and I’m pre-tay, pre-tay, pre-tay(yes I know how to spell, watch Curb Your Enthusiam & it will make sense) good at it!!  I believe in mixing high fashion & moderate interpretations of designer trends for a complete look , AND all for an affordable price.

So check this out, the pictures you are about to see is me in a $10, yes I said $10 wool coat from the 70’s that I found in a Ohio flea market. The coats Missy is modeling are stunning, but I will take my $10 coat and keep it moving. xoxo

PS -If you didn’t catch my update on my blog entry, “Chanel Lust”, you will notice my new Chanel bag “Max” is my co-star in the pics below. Like I said, mixing high & low!!!

Flea Market Find $10

Flea Market Find $10

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