Modern Baby Showers

A week or so ago, I attended the baby shower celebrating the impending life of Tiber and his parents, Giovanna & Jay.  I’ve known them for over five years and they have had an awesome courtship, marriage, and now baby story.  Just so we are all on the same page, let me give you some history.

-They met in New York.

-Jay pursued her relentlessly.  No ex boyfriends or mountains was going to stop him.

-Proposed in Spain, married in Greece, live in a sick loft in NYC, and expecting their son in less than 3 weeks.

To begin, I love baby showers and I even hosted one almost 2 years ago for this little guy, Sage!

Sage ❤


I was excited to attend because ,who doesn’t love a bunch games, food, prizes, alcohol, etc…?!?!? Well honey, that shit doesn’t go down in the Big Apple! DONT get me wrong,  I’m not complaining, but I just wasn’t ready, but nevertheless here are the differences from Ohio to NYC baby showers.

  1. Instead of wearing a cute, but casual look, your ass better be in heels, cocktail dresses, or dressy casual!!! I saw plenty of Gucci, Alexander Wang, Halston(mama Gia) outfits, that I thought we were transformed to a red carpet event.  I mean, it was pretty fabulous to see all the ladies dressed like this at noon.
  2. NO GAMES (insert tear)!!! I was first intiated into this process in North Carolina for this cuties baby shower, Lawton:
  3. Lawton<3

    Apparently in New York,  you are to show up, mingle, compliment each other, get liquored up and go the fuck home, which is exactly what we did at Gia’s shower, and it was FAB!

    3. Do not eat at a NYC shower!  Yes, I know your stomach is growling, because naturally you would be hungry at noon, but under no circumstance do you eat!! You can drink 15 mimosas like my girl Lauren, but you don’t touch the food.  True story:  the spread was incredible, I mean any fan of sugar, salt & bread would not have been disappointed. So, they had some pretzel croissants from a famous place here, called City Bakery, and I admit I had three before I left, but my friend Lauren said a girl walked up to her and said “wow, those croissants look incredible!”  “they have at least 700 calories in them, so I can’t have one but you should!” Lauren, simply replied ” I sure will, where is the butter?!?!”  Per my man, if girls are having a party, you should always stick to- cottage cheese, veggies, fruit, and alcohol, because he feels women do not like to eat in front of each other. He may be onto something.

  4. Do not open presents while your guests are there!  Huh???? I mean, I want to see your reaction to what I feel is the best present EV-ER and you mean to tell me, that you will let me know via mail, no bueno:-(.  Again, if this was Ohio, mom to be, sits in the hot seat and she must open all of her presents while all of her guests stares at her and she BETTER love everything equally or my gift a tad bit more ;-).

Summary: I had a blast, the shower was noon-four, but me and the man left at 8pm.  By the end of the evening, I counted 8 mimosas, 3 pretzel croissants, 2 oatmeal cookies, 1 piece of carrot cake and 1 red velvet cupcake holla!!!!!!! Obviously ,I didn’t get the ” you shouldnt eat any of the yumminess memo”, but my girl & I tore that shit up!!!!!


I wish Jay & Gia all the best they are so rad, loving, and Tiber is a lucky boy.  I’m looking forward to meeting him & I will share an update when he gets here.

In the meantime, enjoy the pics:

2 Responses to “Modern Baby Showers”
  1. Brooke says:

    Holy shit! Jay is going to be a daddy??!!! She is cute and you are the bomb. I love your ass and you are totally right….there should always be games involved and presents should be opened, non preggos get a buzz on and everyone eat a lot becAuse the mama to be sure as he’ll wants to stuff her face and wants everyone else to eat as much as she does!!!!!

    • kindrathings says:

      Yes he is going to be a daddy and he is SO stoked!! I think his Swedish genes & her Italian genes are going to be a huge mash-up of cuteness. LOVE you & Im glad we are on the same page. Looking forward to either my shower or yours, whichever happens first, because we are going to eat!!! xoxoxo

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