Good Hair

So the only thing I appreciate about the Victoria Secret Fashion show these days are the ladies hair and makeup, but mostly the hair.I love  their big bouncy curls, but I do not have time to individually wrap each section of my head around a curling iron, who the hell does?? Well, Im excited to share that I discovered the power of hot rollers.

They are fairly affordable($40) and takes only five minutes to set them in you hair and you’re good to go.  While it’s in your head doing all of the labor , you can brush your teeth, apply makeup, have a quickie(my fav), etc…

I got mine at Ricky’s here in NYC, but my mom grabbed hers from Bed Bath and Beyond last week and she loves them!!! I attached some photos and I promise I achieved this look in 10 minutes, if not less.

hot rollers

hot rollers 1

hot rollers profile

hot rollers final

Kim- Good hair

Good Hair!! Kim Kardashian

6 Responses to “Good Hair”
  1. Gwen says:

    Your hair looks amazing!! Just purchased these exact Hot Rollers and they are Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Brooke says:

    Dang! Your hair is long!!!! Loooves! I have some and do it occasionally, looks so much better than frizzy straight!

  3. jacquelene says:

    When my hair was long i was all about the hot rollers! Time-saving and sexy-hair combined=winner!

    (Love the stripe blouse and spectacles by the way)

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