Sweet Talk The Sequel

Him: “Hey babe, what are you watching?”

Me: ” The Housewives.”

Him: “Is it the Atlanta one?”

Me: “No, it’s the Beverly Hills one, I love these crazy chicks!”

Him: “Well, did you tape the Atlanta one?”

Me: ” Yes, but its gone,”

Him:”  You watched it without me?!?” “Aww babe, that sucks!” “So what happened with Nene?”

Summary:  I love a man who cares about fine televisions program such as: Housewives, Jersey Shore, Bridalplasty, Bad Girls Club, etc…  He’s a keeper:-)

2 Responses to “Sweet Talk The Sequel”
  1. Brooke says:

    Jack is the same! So upset when he has work dinners on Monday night because he knows I can’t wait for him with the bachelor! Same with housewives, we watch together! Where do you find the pics? The high five zone is a freaking trip

  2. kindrathings says:

    Love that Jack is on board with the trash tv! Ngo resisted for a long time, but now he can sing the entire Bad Girls theme song, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

    Dont forget the Bev Hill reunion is on tonight. Girl, I literally googled ‘high five’ and that image came up, holla:-)


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