4:30am Alarm

Just kidding, I love my job.  There are SO many cool people, and the list goes on, but today I almost shat in my lulu’s when I saw Ferris Bueller walk in.  Its been awhile since I got starstruck, but I LOVE the 80’s and who didn’t watch that movie over and over????? Well, I’m happy to say that he is extremely nice, and hangs out at our juicebar after his workout.  I’m praying to sweet baby Jesus that he brings Sarah Jessica in one day. I WILL DIE!!! Past & Present clients…

4 Responses to “4:30am Alarm”
  1. Brooke says:

    Don’t forget chubby gossip boy until NGO got his hands on him!

  2. Giordana says:

    Claire Danes is shooting a pilot in Charlotte right now, I’ve totally been trying to get her to sign the My So Call Life soundtrack I have, hahah! Hope I have as good of a celb spotting as you did soon!

    • kindrathings says:

      Hey Giordana!!!!! I LOVED My So Called Life, and the day she first came in I was speechless. Number 1- she has a nice ass and #2, she is so freaking nice! I waited two weeks before asking her about Brokedown Palace. I asked if it was her character or Kate Beckinsdale’s character that put the heroin in their bag??? She cracked up and said she honestly didn’t know, that they never identified it in the script. I think that interaction comes in at #2 on my stalker activities, lol!!!

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