Oscar Season

Kate Hudson(Brooke Hall) announced my category which was “Most Stylish Blogger Award”, and guess what, I won!!!!! I’m very excited to give my speech and in case you are wondering what designer I’m wearing, it’s a mint terry cloth robe by Restoration Hardware.  Here we go I have a few minutes and 7 things to disclose.

1. I have a MA-JOR sweating problem.  No matter if I’m happy, mad, sad, indifferent, etc… I sweat it out.  Back in high school, whenever my boyfriend and I got into a fight I would look like this picture below– PS I’m sweating right now.

2. I sleep with candy under my pillow.  Jealous???? Some kids had night lights, or a teddy bear, well my ass had candy!!! My addiction was so bad that my parents would wake me in the middle of the night because I was grinding my teeth so loudly.  LOL!! The boyfriend hates that I do it and is convinced that we will have a major bug attack.  Hey, that doesn’t scare me, just as long as the rodents stick to the green and yellow skittles only, I’m cool.

3. Did the 3-way ambush to a bunch of people in elementary school.  Dont worry I learned my lesson:-)

4. When i was 24, I went on vacation by myself to Mexico.  It was my first time out of the US and no I wasnt the least bit afraid.  It was so cool hanging out and doing my own thing.  I did water aerobics everyday, kayaking, city tours, etc… By the end of my trip I met so many guests that had placed bets on me with their friends about whether or not I was by myself, and most of them guessed correctly-LOL!! BUT, you better believe I lied my ass off and always said “oh my boyfriend is coming down soon.”  5 days later and no boyfriend;-)

5. Always feed me and let me sleep, or I will turn into one of them.

6. I use to make out with my knee, hahahahahaha!!  I thought it was a good area to practice on, damn you Kids Incorporated & Sweet Valley High books.

7. Im a perfectionist and I will always try to do my very best at any & everything.

Ok, They are starting to play music so in closing, that was really hard because I already came up with 25 things in a previous post, click here to read it. Trying to think of another 7 was tricky.  I need to thank Kate Husdon(Brooke Hall) again for her support by example.

Thank you Blogger Academy. Good night!

One Response to “Oscar Season”
  1. Brooke says:

    Haha” those are great!!! Where do you find your pictures? Love the making out with the knee!!!!!!

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