Sick Boy :-(

So, my man was recently sick and if you ask me, he had been for a while, but in typical cave man fashion he refused to do something.  Well, that was until he literally thought he would fall asleep and die from chest congestion.  I just don’t get why some men don’t like going to the doctor!!!!! I love doctors, in fact so much that I have self diagnosed myself at least 100 times & I go to WebMD, almost as much as Perezhilton;-).  Maybe we can both work on our relationships with doctors more!

Anyhoo,  I went into full nurse effect and catered to him all that weekend.  The following items were my sidekicks and his die hard requests: Robutssin, Emergen C, green ginger tea, eggs, peanut butter, hot mustard, cinnamon raisin toast, chinese food, beer & Fresca…are you grossed out yet?!?  I personally love the classics, you know  chicken soup, crackers, orange juice,…well not my man.

Feast your eyes on a couple of his favorite sick boy dishes—-VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

5 eggs, chicken, turkey, tomatoes, with cinnamon raisin toast with peanut butter on top of it- orange stuff is hot mustard


Boneless spare ribs with 3 hard-boiled eggs

Unconditional love—DAMN!

4 Responses to “Sick Boy :-(”
  1. brooke says:

    ewww!! eggs in the ribs? pb on cinnomon bread? i am with you, a little soup, saltines and candy will do the trick. now, the question of the day is…did you dress up as a nurse?? wink wink

  2. Natalie says:

    Kindra, I had no idea you had a blog!! Erin just told me to check it out! Following you for shizzle! and why are men like when they are sick? I feel nauseous looking at his meals! Hope he feels better and you don’t catch it!

    • kindrathings says:

      Hey Natalie!!!!! Thanks for supporting, I love your blog. I stop by everyday and I’m going to attempt one of your recipes soon. Thanks for the well wishes, the boy is all better and luckily I didnt get it.

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