When Billy Met Silly…


OMG, so excited to do this blog!! .  Today is one of my most dear friend’s one year anniversary as being a mama.  I’m talking about Brooke Hall, aka Billy.  Happy birthday to her & her cutie pie son Lawton.  I last spoke to Billy two weeks or so ago, and before then, we haven’t chatted in a while  (via phone, however we obsessively bbm, & email), but who cares.  I say who cares because we have that kind of friendship.  The one that is so lethal and easy, and the time between your last conversation and the next one seems more like a few hours, more so than months.  I have a great amount of affection for her, I’m blessed to call her a friend and I was/am so excited, that I felt moved to write this.

FIRST ACT:How Billy met Silly- Its 2004 I got booked for a H& M runway show, which at the time I was stoked, because you think H & M = $$$$–woot woot, and then you finish reading the email from your booker that states 1) its at the Jersey Shore and 2)instead of paying in dollars we get some damn clothes. BOO-HISS!!!! The day of the shoot, us girls were picked up and bus to the gig.  During that time some of the ladies started talking about all kinds of stuff and somehow the topic of books came up.  Well, picture if you can, me intensely reading a book, while trying to eavesdrop on a few of the girls that already knew eachother’s conversation.  One of the girls recently finished the JFK autobiography, another one was reading some historical non- fiction book, and if I’m not mistaken the third girl mentioned the encyclopedia;-). Obviously, they were on another level!!  Why wasn’t it on my level, because the following images depicts what level I was on.

Are you done judging and laughing?!? Great, thanks!  Well just as I’m about to hide my book when they asked me what I was reading and I proceeded to show them and if you know Brooke, she was the first one to laugh and say “Girl that is not a book!”  “You need to stop reading that shit and try something new.”  She then proceeded to write me a book list and I held on to it. Skip to a year later, I have a bad living situation and I need a new place pronto.  So, I emailed our(same agency) booker and pleaded with her to email blast all of the models to see if anyone was looking for a roommate. Sure enough Miss Brooke(wasn’t married yet) hit me up saying she was looking for someone too.  How crazy, that at the exact moment we both needed the same thing?!? The stars aligned and we agreed to meet.  She told me straight up that she hates people who are late, I said “ME TOO”, see you on time if not early.  I met Brooke at a cafe we hugged it out and got shit straight.  Both of us were on the same page about: no weird ass dudes can come over, no smoking, pay the rent on time, every time, and we must have roommate time. Not long after, we signed on the dotted line and I moved in.  We had a blast those two years:  Literally, when I moved in she only had one chaise and we sat on that thing together everyday and read gossip magazines while simultaneously eating candy or pudding(Brooke ),and laughed our asses off.  If its anything celebrity related you cannot compete with us! Two single girls having fun!

Second Act: Brooke threw me a karaoke party and started me on my path of champagne.  We had a ball, drank at least 16 glasses each, I sung Baby Got Back and she did the rap solo on Bell Biv Devoe’s Poison!!! She met her hubby Jack the following year and I had the pleasure of watching her fall in love.  I was even there when he proposed and helped set her up, so she wouldn’t suspect a thing.  I took pictures of their engagement and listened as they called all of their loved ones, such a special moment:-)  Needless to say that was our last year together, but it was time for bigger and better things.

Third Act: Brooke got married and asked me to be a bridesmaid!! It was my first time ever, and I was super excited!  Wedding was DA-BOMB!!.  Billy has been happily married for three years and last year she became a mom. I attended the baby shower and boy is she loved. What a fabulous group of women and such a huge support system for one another . I’ve remained in NY and I’m happy to say lived on my own for a while, then met a sweet boy in 2008.  I’m typing this entry from our apartment now:-)

Curtain Closing: We have been through cancer, death, marriage, babies, hangovers, Ryder vs Suri debates, etc… And what I know for sure , is that we will always pick up where we left off.  She is one of the funniest, sincerest, and toughest ladies I’ve ever known.  She always does her very best at everything, writes the most amazing letters & thank you cards, etc…, BUT don’t trip & try to play her, because she is as sharp as a knife!  She will always remember your birthday, she will always say what’s on her mind, and I’m so thankful to have her.  Friendships are everything in this world and even though you wish people could be closer, the love is always understood:-)


Thank you to the following companies that sponsored our relationship!!

Tasti D-Lite, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Perdu Bologna, Fleet Laxatives, Diet Sunkist, US Weekly, Jello Pudding, Blue Denim Chair, Malt Balls, Soho Vendors, Friends Seasons 1-10, Laguna Beach, First on First Karaoke, Veuve Clicquot, and Oprah’s Book Club.

Happy Birthday Lawton Knox Hall:-)

4 Responses to “When Billy Met Silly…”
  1. brooke says:

    This is the most wondeful thing anyone has every said about me….i was bawling when i was reading it and for a while after! i love you so much!! thank you for making this day even more special for me!

  2. Trent says:

    Kindra – wow. You nailed it about Brooke! You two are awesome. Hope to see you soon!

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