The picture says it all!! I go my Donald Trump on last Friday and it was my third time firing an employee.  No matter how much the action is warranted, my stomach is in knots all day leading up to that moment.  The guy I let go simply liked the job, but didn’t like doing the job and for me that doesn’t work.

To get me ready for my Donald moment, my boyfriend was amazing and let me fire him all day, just to make sure I had my speech down, he is a cutie pie! When the moment arrived I trasnformed into my hero

Don Draper- Mad Men

and said Don Draper’s famous line

come in and shut the door!

As they say out with the old and in with the new.  I have two new employees starting with me today, and fingers crossed it will work out.  If not ,I will prep my fingers and get my hair ready for a comb over style & poof you’re fired all over again.

One Response to “BUH-BYE!”
  1. Brooke says:

    I remember you having to do this….it would be hard!!! But, I am sure they knew it was coming if they didn’t like doing the job….shit happens! Love NGO, he is the best

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