Blake and Chanel Sitting In A Tree

What can I say?!? I love them both a- LOT and I’m a huge fan of this collaboration.  Simply put, I dig you Karl and your art via Chanel & if I was one of the girls from RHOBH, my closet would be stacked with your creations!  Blake, love your name, love your style, love your big sister(Actress in Teen Witch, where my 80’s babies at), & you always look like it took you less than an hour to get ready.  I cant wait to see Blake’s Chanel ads, until then…

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4 Responses to “Blake and Chanel Sitting In A Tree”
  1. Brooke says:

    Loveher body!! Totally going to take a picture of her fake boobs to my dr when I get fake boobs.

  2. jacquelene says:

    i agree! It’s a good pairing
    …..Although, her face isn’t as pretty since she got skinny :/

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