Oh hell yes! The Man is finally home in the morning.  He tried to keep it a surprise, but my mom accidentally forwarded me his Delta itinerary(oops), so I know that he will be in the door a little before midnight.  That gives me plenty of time to hide most of the candy and snacks & leave me with a few moments to shower, fix myself up, and then emanate a gorgeous fake asleep position, as if I always look that good(yea right).

Art can sometimes imitate life.  This video straight up expresses my feelings. I don’t have permission to embed it, so just click where it says ‘watch it on YouTube’

One Response to “Finally…”
  1. Brooke says:

    Yay!!!!! Good thing for gwennie, you could have been watching 90210, had a face mask on and chocolate in your teeth 😉 so glad NGO is coming home! Enjoy each other!

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