In Sickness & In Health…LOVE STORY.


I weeped like a baby!!! I pray for them everyday.

Source:–Kristian Anderson and his family are a perfect example of that spirit. Their remarkable love story began more than 10 years ago when Kristian fell for Rachel in college. They married, started a family and the life they’d always dreamed of. Then, suddenly, their world came crashing down. At just 34 years old, Kristian was diagnosed with liver and bowel cancer. “The moment we found out that it was cancer, it felt like a punch in the stomach,” Rachel says. “Our youngest child was 13 months old.”

Kristian’s doctor advised him to stop working as a television editor. To support the family, Rachel went back to teaching high school. “Now I get up early in the morning getting the boys ready, I’m off to work and I get home and it’s madness,” Rachel says. “I’ve literally got nothing left for him. There are nights when Kristian’s gone to bed, and I just sit up and I cry because it’s such an overwhelming situation to be in.”

To thank Rachel for always standing by him, Kristian recently produced a video love letter for her birthday that he posted on YouTube. Within days, it captured hearts around the world.

Today, Kristian says he’s hopeful. “I just had a pretty heavy dose of radiation, and the doctors are really happy with how it’s going so far,” he says.

So that Kristian is able to focus every ounce of energy he has on getting well, and Rachel can focus on her family, Oprah wants to give Rachel some time off from work.

“Kristian , don’t worry about the bills,” Oprah says. “And the reason you shouldn’t worry about the bills is because you will be getting, as of today, a check for a quarter of a million dollars.”

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