I Whip My Hair Back And Forth

Yep, that’s right!!! I think you can gather from the picture that I had to fire someone, again!  This time it was easy as hell, and I felt they didn’t  deserve a call, so I did it via email, holla! To spare myself a potential lawsuit,  I will not write the details that led up to it, but needless to say I’m back on the hunt for more talent.  Please say a prayer for me because if I don’t find someone this week, I may have to order a bed for work, because my ass isn’t going anywhere!

Oh how I dream of being a kid again. You know, when all you had to do was get good grades and don’t be an asshole.  No taxes, bosses, mortgage, etc… Oh how I wish for a time machine, so I could go back just for a little bit, to my pink room, with my canopy bed, Barbie car with the radio in the trunk, and no care in the world except, does Andy Elliot like me more than Monica?  Or, should I wear my LA Gear sneakers that light up or my Desperately Seeking Susan inspired black lace up boots??? You get it, important shit!

The good ole days…

I had a pair then & I have a pair now

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