It’s Here! New Sweet Valley Book Released! |

Normally I wouldn’t post twice in one day, but this was absolutely necessary!! OH HELL YES!!!  The tween in me is gagging.   Check out the author’s website here Pre-order the book here It’s Here! New Sweet Valley Book Released! |

Style Spy:Leighton Meester

Freida Pinto: Glamour Goddess

SOURCE: You know her from Slumdog Millionaire Look for her next in Miral Immortals Rise Of The Apes GLAMOUR: How is it possible for you to maintain your privacy in India? FREIDA PINTO: Here you have to do Bollywood films to be recognized, so I’m lucky. In the morning, I jog around the park … Continue reading

Carmindy + Me= iPhone APP

My friend and beauty expert Carmindy, asked me to be a model in her iPhone App and I said HELLS YES!! I mean, the opportunity to be a part of this new technology and have it downloaded by millions, uh yes please! We shot the app last year and all  in one day. It  finally launched … Continue reading

High Reps

So, I have been striving for as long as I can remember to perfect my lower half.  My legs have always been my trouble area, but what women doesn’t wish something was a tad bit leaner, stronger and smaller?!? Well, one of my dear friends Lauren, who just so happens to be my trainer, designed … Continue reading

Brunch Fashion

She is fabulous and has inspired my brunch attire with my besties this afternoon.  I plan on wearing: black American Apparel t-shirt Gap Always Skinny Jeans in indigo black ‘pashimina'(its fake and i love it! $10 on the streets of NYC) Uhmmm- I will NOT copy her queer lifesaver platforms, but instead wear my Frye … Continue reading

Ear Infection + Rag and Bone

Ear infection confirmed, but the man has an even tonight, so I have to rally.  I’m super medicated, so fingers crossed, I don’t fall asleep. This is what Im wearing, I will post more pics afterwards. Its Rag & Bone and I got it at Intermix.

Totally BFF’s

Baah not really, BUT she is the person who originally recommended Fifth Avenue by Essie to me.   True story, I was in Soho a few years ago with my bestie Cerelina getting a mani/pedi.   Well, who walked in??? Miss Whitney Port did. Nina & Whit(since we are buds I can call her that) … Continue reading

Pepé Le Pew

I love this trend, in fact I plan on trying it in the Spring. I dig an unfinished look, something a little quirky and not so perfect.  Here are some of my favorite “ombre” and/or skunk edits.

Got Sex?!?

Where do I start? Loves the turtleneck and chain. Loves me some Blake & Jessica. Did you not die over Jessica’s makeup?!? I love the eyeliner and lipstick choices. The ear muffs are dope. I love a good thumbs up. Congrats on the sex & fireworks coming out of their junk–PRICELESS.