Dear John…You Just Got Drunk Mail

I love you! Happy 50th birthday!  I’m so glad that Ngo and I were able to celebrate you last night.  I’ve known you for eight years and it was love at first sight.  I will always cherish pour laughs, dirty looks, nods of mutual understanding, and our  like-minded behavior.  Its nights like last nigh that reminds us of whats important.  I have been so stressed with work and yet I will not remember this shit on my death-bed.  We love you, thank you for talking us both off of ledges.  I cannot think of some of the most important  life changes without you being in the forefront.  We ate, laughed, drank, and drank some more yesterday and as  I type this I’m already dreaming about tomorrow.  I love the love you and Ngo have for each other, and I’m glad I was able to bear witness to the expression of out this evening.

Love love—

Note to the reader…I was beyond wasted when I wrote this. I had 7 mojitos, 2 glasses of champagne, and a bizillion laughs!  I didnt spell check it, becuse I think it takes some of the passion away.  I wrote this letter and then promptly passed out in my clothes, holla!

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