You Had Me At The Poster

Over the weekend me and  the man went to see Limitless(hated it) and I noticed this poster in the lobby.  I heard the novel was amazing, but I must say they truly had me at the poster.  I’m not sure what its about, but I will definitely be checking it out.  Especially since the boyfriend made me see that shiteous movie, he owes me;-)

The movie stars Anne Hathaway(loves) and the hot Jim Sturgess from Across the Universe. How adorable is this picture?!?!

Buy the book here


2 Responses to “You Had Me At The Poster”
  1. Shahidah says:

    WOW! That is an awesome movie poster, makes you want to frame it. I actually like it better with the heads missing LOL it just gives a feeling of mystery to it!

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