K-LO via J-LO

Look what I bought…

Oh no she didnt, well yes I did!!

I forked over about $140 to see what all the fuss was about and let me tell you, I was not disappointed.  Let me just state the obvious, which is for $140 bucks a little man dipped in 24 karat gold should pop out and apply the moisturizer to my face & then promptly wipe my ass whenever the mood strikes me. However, that is not the case, so allow me to share my review.

Its very creamy, which for someone that already has oily skin, this would not be a good match.  For me, I have combination skin, so it really helped the dry skin on my cheeks and nose, but I kept it away from my forehead, because I didnt want this to happen–Just so you know I was going to insert a face covered with acne, but I literally threw up in my mouth, so instead I will leave you with this fake emotion:

I could definitley live without the smell( bleach-sunscreen), but my face has never been smoother and I’ve been getting a lot of compliments that my face is glowing.  Either way, this is now a main stay, however a little tiny bit goes a long way and don’t trip, I will ALWAYS have my longtime staples forever.  Here are my go to products in no particular order:



$7.00 great exfoliator


8 Responses to “K-LO via J-LO”
  1. Lol I know the feeling of “throw up on my mouth”. I made the jump too because my friend uses it and her skin is amazing! How long did you use it before seeing a difference? Do you do the warming technique before you apply? Thanks!

    • kindrathings says:

      Same here!! My friend Carmindy has the most incredible skin and I remember asking her and she said it was LA MER, and I was sold. I’ve been using it now night & day for a month and I noticed a difference within 3 days. Perhaps, me using it twice a day is overkill, but I only use a pea size for my entire face. The warming technique is essential! It tends to be on the thicker side when you first remove it from the jar, however when you rub it in your hands for about five seconds it thins out enough for you to cover all of your face. LOVES IT!!!! Let me know how it works for you:-)

      • Tonight is my second time using it and I’m afraid I’m not “warming” it correctly. The idea of wasting any tiny bit of La Mer makes me sick, lol. I take a tiny amount and rub my fingers together and just pat it into my skin. I’ve read some blogs in which the writer suggests that the consistency should turn into a liquid. Does that happen for you? I suppose I should go to a La Mer counter but it’s my last resort haha. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

      • kindrathings says:

        For me, I do not warm it until its a liquid. I wanted to time it again before replying to you and its three seconds. I don’t want it to be like and water and I agree with you about being wasteful. I say take a little bit and try both methods and see what works best for you. Im a three second warmer 🙂

  2. Shahidah says:

    I consider myself a product junkie so how did I miss this? looking it up right now. Yeah, that price is kinda out there for me but if I see enough endorsements then the sucker in me is going for it!

    • kindrathings says:

      Totally understand about the price!!! It took me a few years to finally try it, but prior to that I was using my $10 Neutrogena and was just as happy. I’m positive that whatever works best for you will get the job done, until you’re ready to try it 🙂

  3. Melissa says:


    Do not use that St. Ives Apriot scrub on your face! It is terrible for your skin as it causes small tears in your epidermis because it is not made with smooth rounded beads but jagged apricot pits. I can recommend a much better exfoliator for you. And next time you are in Charlotte you need to come see me for a facial!

  4. kindrathings says:


    Thank you for the note, I had no idea! I will transfer it from my face to my feet, this way I don’t have to throw it away altogether. Could you please send me your exfoliator picks???? Im happy to try anything. I cannot wait to visit Charlotte, and I would love to try a facial. Have a beautiful weekend:-)

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