Totally BFF’s

Baah not really, BUT she is the person who originally recommended Fifth Avenue by Essie to me.


True story, I was in Soho a few years ago with my bestie Cerelina getting a mani/pedi.


Me and Cerelina NYE 2009

Well, who walked in??? Miss Whitney Port did.

Who What Wear.Com

Nina & Whit(since we are buds I can call her that) knew each other because their boyfriends at the time were band mates.

Tamarama Aussie Band

She popped into the chair next to me and we all chatted like we were good mates.  Things I noticed right away:

  1. Gold rings on every finger, one in particular was her great grandmothers and she refused to take it off.
  2. Porcelain skin, literally like Kirsten Dunst’s in Interview With The Vampire.
  3. Smelled like ciggies with a hint of vanilla(is that  kind of single black female of me?!) Oh well, I have a strong sense of smell.
  4. Straight up nice girl PERIOD!
  5. Thin as hell with a huge set of knockers(real).
  6. She told us that she only had to film 3xweek & MTV pimped her crib for relocating from LA.  Side note: she did not tell us this, but I later found out that she was making 75,000/episode for just 3 days/week 

Nina & I finished before her, so we all did that fabulous air kiss & said bye.  Thanks Whit for my Fifth Avenue condition, it sucks that The City was cancelled because I loved watching it.

Here are some more of my favorite reds by Essie.

Material Girl



Jelly Apple

Fifth Avenue

Happy Friday!! Im off to the doctor’s office, because me think I have an ear infection.  I’m dying for a vacation.xoxo

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