High Reps

So, I have been striving for as long as I can remember to perfect my lower half.  My legs have always been my trouble area, but what women doesn’t wish something was a tad bit leaner, stronger and smaller?!? Well, one of my dear friends Lauren, who just so happens to be my trainer, designed a program for me to look like DA-BO in 6 weeks or less. Plus, she was recently featured in the New York Times, that’s my girl—-click here for the feature on Lauren.

Want to know how?

12 reverse lunges-repeat 4 x

12 reverse lunges into a step up-repeat 4x

Squat with a medicine ball twist-repeat 3x

Treadmill sprints starting at 6.0 run for 30 seconds and decrease down to 4.0 and walk for 30 seconds.  Repeat this 5x, but you must increase your sprints to this progression-6.0, 6.2, 6.4, 6.6, 6.8,

If your gym has a slide board, grab it.  You will do 12 side lunges on each leg and repeat 4x. If you don’t have a slide board , then side lunge without it.

Stretch & you’re done.

PS- Those asses on the featured image belongs to Serena williams & Kelly Rowland…a girl can dream:-)

Minka Kelly

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