Crave You

One of my favorite songs right now. My mom is in town and we are having the best time!! Happy Saturday.

Jem Is Coming Back To TV! |

Did you hear???? I am so excited, that I want to throw up. Get Ready For Some Childhood Nostalgia, Gays! Jem Is Coming Back To TV! |

Jane Eyre

I would set Ngo on fire(kidding) for this man!! Listen to me when i say, The MOST romantic film I’ve seen in years.  GO SEE IT!!

Love It Or Hate It!

She is fly, LOVES it!

Cotton Candy

Gagging, I love her! Pink lace with blue shoes–WERK. I would swich closets any day of the week. Dress: NO.21 Shoes: Brian Atwood

Just The Other Day…

Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppeeeeeeeeeeee!! Im back from Miami and I had a blast.  I will do subsequent posts with pictures, stories , etc.., but first I have to get caught up on life.  In the meantime, here is a love letter to a very special guy. Hey you, I know its weird that I’m sitting so close and … Continue reading

You Said It Will Smith!

Guess what?!?! The loser link once again wont embed, so just picture me singing Welcome To Miami via Will Smith:-) I’m so excited I could throw up.  I leave tomorrow morning and I will be there for a few days.  I need the sun, beach, and  ocean OH SO MUCH!!! I will blog from the … Continue reading

Step Right Up #45

Today will be my 45th interview with potential candidates…why is it SO hard to find someone?!? In dramatic fashion I posted a pic that expresses the state of my soul(bullshit).  Totally kidding!  Its just a rough patch & my ass will be on a beach very soon:-)

RED Lips!

It took the Man some time to get use to the red lips, but I had a blast trying something outside of my usual fleshy nude color.  What do you think?  Can I pull it off? Im wearing my friend, Carmindy’s, Color Comfort Lip Color in-Sangria. You can find her line Sally Hansen Natural Beauty … Continue reading

Bridal March

The Last Emperor is a movie that will stay with me for a long time.  It was visually stunning and the fact that its more than two decades old and it still holds up, is a testament to its beauty. Read the New York Times Review 1987 I cry every time I hear the score, and … Continue reading