Pretty Please!!!

I think the  picture says it all!  The weekend went way to fast!!! I had a blast, but I wish tomorrow was Sunday & not Monday.

Oh well, such is life!  I had a very satisfying girls night on Friday. Lots of sushi, wine, and inappropriate conversation;-).  The pics below are not from Friday, but it shows the buddies I hung out with.

Old Picture, but the same crew

Old picture, but same crew Gia, Me, L & Carm

I successfull used my hangover to fuel a much-needed Spring cleaning.  I must have thrown out 4 bags of stuff & donated another 6. Shhh(maybe some of it was the Man’s stuff, but what he doesn’t know wont hurt him) insert evil laugh .

Today I would like to hang our pendant light, take a spin class, and eat pancakes, but not in that order:-)

Happy Sunday!

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