Singular Date At The MOMA

Two things-
1. Art is my church
2. I can’t paint for shit!

That being said, there is nothing I enjoy more than going to museums(I’ve been to Louvre, Prado, Uffizi,and all of NYC). It’s the perfect answer to a beautiful or rainy day. I think, I was a painter or the lover/muse of one in my previous life. My passion for it is extraordinary. I would die without it!

Tip-When buying art- it has to be a piece you cannot live without.

If you live in NY & want to take classes try here. I went for 8 weeks & I loved it. I soon learned that a gallery featuring my work, will not happen in this lifetime, but the reaction my body had to it was similar to a long bath, 10 hours of sleep, or 90 mins massage.

Here are a few pics of some of m favorite pieces currently on display at the MOMA

Gift Shop!!!

MOMA Gift Store

I always try to be stylish when I go to museums, I don’t know why! Maybe, I’m trying to look art-like, or pay some respect to the invaluable work.

I wore–

Jeffrey Campbell boots

Urban Outfitters skirt

Topshop leggings

grey T-shirt-Forever 21

Black American Apparel Boyfriend cardigan

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