Red Pony

She is fly as hell!  There is nothing better than a red lip and ponytail—WERK Sharon!

Fabric of Life

Raphael Saadiq

Last night I went to the famous Webster Hall to see the yummy Raphael Saadiq.  He and I go way back to his days in Tony, Toni, Tone in elementary school and I’m still clapping my hands and stomping my feet at damn near 30 years old. My friend Sarah knows his manager  and I … Continue reading

Damn Gisele!

No words needed Except, Victoria Beckham Oh, and GOD DAMN!!!!!!!

King Of The World

Ok, I get it Leo, Bar is really hot and I must admit these pictures are flattering.  However the star for m is the Jimmy Choo bag.  It’s from their new line and its name is Rosalie(so pretty) and the bitch costs $1495.  I have two trips out of the country before August, so unfortunately … Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day!! Love You Gwennie Pooh:-)

Kindra, Katie or, Katy’s Teenage Dream

I am loving Katie’s top!! Mostly because it reminds me of my current manicure. Check it out, don’t mind the old lady hands:-).  The polish below is from Katy Perry’s collection and I love all of the colors.  Do you? Buy the polish here

Body By Dita

She is a as hell!!  I sometimes think of her while I’m in spin class is that weird??? Happy Friday Click here to read some of her inside tips. Source: New York Times Domains | Dita Von Teese Show Stopper Interview by EDWARD LEWINE Published: March 30, 2008 Biggest misconception about burlesque: That it’s … Continue reading


Doesn’t this face make you smile????? This sweet boy is my nephew Jul, and he will be 1 on May 16th.  His mom, Danee, is one of my best friends and for the last couple of days her and I have been having a slumber party in Brooklyn. Sweet story..she told me that one night … Continue reading

Sharing IS

Morning World, My boyfriend sadly and suddenly lost his baby brother on April 24th.  Obviously losing anyone is traumatic, but to lose someone so young and so soon is beyond my comprehension.  That being said, he is wrapped tightly and fiercely in love,! I’m so happy that his parents and most of their family are together … Continue reading