Doesn’t this face make you smile?????

This sweet boy is my nephew Jul, and he will be 1 on May 16th.  His mom, Danee, is one of my best friends and for the last couple of days her and I have been having a slumber party in Brooklyn.

Danee and me

Sweet story..she told me that one night recently she was giving Jul a bath in the tub.  Well, by accident she turned the shower head on and it scared the shit out of him.  Well, she didn’t want him to develop a complex about the bath, especially since he LOVES it so much, so she did the cutest thing.

She slapped the shower head with her hand and said “NO”!  He started cracking up and laughing so hard that she was convinced his bath time affection was safe.  Danee said he laughed for 10 minutes straight and now every time he is in the tub he points to the shower head for her to do it again.

How sweet?? I think I’m ovulating after that story, lol!!!

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