King Of The World

Ok, I get it Leo, Bar is really hot and I must admit these pictures are flattering.  However the star for m is the Jimmy Choo bag.  It’s from their new line and its name is Rosalie(so pretty) and the bitch costs $1495.  I have two trips out of the country before August, so unfortunately I will only wear Rosalie in my dreams however, maybe someone out there can get it and send me pictures??? Click here to order the bag.

Besides the bag, Im a sucker for cute sunnies, ponytails, and skinny jeans.  I’m liking what I see.

How cute are her sunnies?  RayBan’s are the jam.

One Response to “King Of The World”
  1. Shahidah says:

    well, Aldo has an imiatation bag looks just like that one…just sayin!
    I love Ray Bans and I’m almost proud to say I have several pair from the late 80’s and 90’s that I always keep in rotation…yeah, that made me sound old. Oh wells!

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