Les-Bi-An-Nis(Let’s Be Honest)

Chicks I’m digging right now!!! Julianne Moore- I recently watched the movie Chloe and her performance was spectacular.  If you have Netflix watch it!  Check out the trailer here Kris Jenner- This woman earned her family over 65 million last year in revenue.  If that’s not note worthy I don’t know what is.  Word on … Continue reading

Rosy Glow

Inspiration Board

Random thoughts…

80’s Baby

My HEART will always be in the 80’s. http://youtu.be/IN9Kq4Hr3MU   Happy Friday!!! I’m hanging with the man and getting some much-needed catch up time.  

So Happy I Could Die

After six long weeks my boyfriend is back home.  That is all:-) They say a picture says a 1000 words, well this is how I feel.

Chanel Moments

Look at what I got in the mail. Thanks to my purchase in January, it looks like I’m on the mailing list.  Check out the look book.  Clearly everything in here is all in my wet dreams, because home girl does not have 8k laying around for a jacket, holla if you hear me!  BUT … Continue reading

Why Are You Spinning at 8:30 AM Everyday?!?

To look like this— For when I go here— Zamas Tulum  for my buddy Ash’s birthday and here with my bud Lauren— Dreams La Romana-Dominican Republic

Second Skin

Got Milk

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

Hey! Its been a long time since I published, but it truly has been a crazy month.  I wont make any excuses, but Im back and my intention is to boost my blog back to the top of my priority list.  Some time life happens and you have to re-calibrate the things that are vital … Continue reading