Les-Bi-An-Nis(Let’s Be Honest)

Chicks I’m digging right now!!!

Julianne Moore- I recently watched the movie Chloe and her performance was spectacular.  If you have Netflix watch it!  Check out the trailer here

Kris Jenner- This woman earned her family over 65 million last year in revenue.  If that’s not note worthy I don’t know what is.  Word on the street is she is a SICK manager and makes shit happen.  Check out the scoop on season 6 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians below.

Adele-LOVE her!!!!!!!! Buy the damn album today.

Marina Abramovic- she is a renowned performance artist and I’m a fan.  If you are looking for a great coffee table book, this is a great one, but it is slightly controversial…Buy the book here

Lady Gaga–I never thought in a million years that I would accept her over exaggerated artistic expression!! I mean, I am a ride or die Madonna fan FOR-EV-A!! That being said, my favorite song in the world right now is, “So Happy I Could Die”, from the Fame Monster album

Last but not least–Oprah Winfrey– She is the best and I cannot let her go!  I have majority of here farewell season on DVR and I will keep it as long as I can.

One Response to “Les-Bi-An-Nis(Let’s Be Honest)”
  1. brooke says:

    did you come up with that title yourself? dang…you smart. and creative!
    #1. i can’t stand julianne moore but you already know that. ugh!
    #2. adele. LOVE THIS BITCH. listen to her cd over and over and over and over and over again.
    #3. lady gaga is cray cray, but i love her music.
    #4. LOVE THE KARDASHIANS! i want to hang out with them for a week. what a fun ass family! and you are right kris, is amazeballs.
    big kiss!

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