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80’s Baby

My HEART will always be in the 80’s.   Happy Friday!!! I’m hanging with the man and getting some much-needed catch up time.  

So Happy I Could Die

After six long weeks my boyfriend is back home.  That is all:-) They say a picture says a 1000 words, well this is how I feel.

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

Hey! Its been a long time since I published, but it truly has been a crazy month.  I wont make any excuses, but Im back and my intention is to boost my blog back to the top of my priority list.  Some time life happens and you have to re-calibrate the things that are vital … Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day!! Love You Gwennie Pooh:-)


Doesn’t this face make you smile????? This sweet boy is my nephew Jul, and he will be 1 on May 16th.  His mom, Danee, is one of my best friends and for the last couple of days her and I have been having a slumber party in Brooklyn. Sweet story..she told me that one night … Continue reading

Sharing IS

Morning World, My boyfriend sadly and suddenly lost his baby brother on April 24th.  Obviously losing anyone is traumatic, but to lose someone so young and so soon is beyond my comprehension.  That being said, he is wrapped tightly and fiercely in love,! I’m so happy that his parents and most of their family are together … Continue reading

Crave You

One of my favorite songs right now. My mom is in town and we are having the best time!! Happy Saturday.

Jem Is Coming Back To TV! |

Did you hear???? I am so excited, that I want to throw up. Get Ready For Some Childhood Nostalgia, Gays! Jem Is Coming Back To TV! |

Jane Eyre

I would set Ngo on fire(kidding) for this man!! Listen to me when i say, The MOST romantic film I’ve seen in years.  GO SEE IT!!