Just Me and You, Miami!! April 2011


Just The Other Day…

Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppeeeeeeeeeeee!! Im back from Miami and I had a blast.  I will do subsequent posts with pictures, stories , etc.., but first I have to get caught up on life.  In the meantime, here is a love letter to a very special guy. Hey you, I know its weird that I’m sitting so close and … Continue reading

You Said It Will Smith!

Guess what?!?! The loser link once again wont embed, so just picture me singing Welcome To Miami via Will Smith:-) I’m so excited I could throw up.  I leave tomorrow morning and I will be there for a few days.  I need the sun, beach, and  ocean OH SO MUCH!!! I will blog from the … Continue reading

Two Years And One Day Ago…PARIS!

Hey Mom, Im bummed that we had to postpone our annual trip, BUT I thought in honor of our first trip to PARIS, I would post this video from our last night there. I love you to pieces, and I cannot wait for our trip this year. Sorry folks, I didnt know how to rotate … Continue reading

Old School Pic Of The Day

We’re on a boat!!!!!!! This is a great picture from our vacation to Key West Florida in 2006.  I miss him so much everyday, but I celebrate him always.  When i look at this, I do tear (literally as I write this) up and I wish SO much that I could remember what we were … Continue reading