My Man’s Night

Wow what a wonderful evening! I was so proud to share in celebrating Ngo. A couple of weeks ago,  Ngo & I went to an event called Face to Face which celebrates fascinating Africans commited to excellence. Well, Ngo was one of the honorees and I couldn’t be prouder. Check out the invitation with the … Continue reading

Brunch Fashion

She is fabulous and has inspired my brunch attire with my besties this afternoon.  I plan on wearing: black American Apparel t-shirt Gap Always Skinny Jeans in indigo black ‘pashimina'(its fake and i love it! $10 on the streets of NYC) Uhmmm- I will NOT copy her queer lifesaver platforms, but instead wear my Frye … Continue reading

Do I Make You Horny?!?!

So, I bought these Jimmy Choo by H&M leather pants a couple of years ago , and I was obsessed.  I’ve worn them countless times and to this day people ask me about them.  Well, since someone(this girl) decided to do a 5 day vegan & organic juice cleanse, the damn pants don’t fit anymore. … Continue reading


STYLE FILE NYC, snapped me while I was waiting for the F train, such a nice surprise before going to work. Jacquelene was rad, check out her blog by clicking on the link.  Scroll down for some snap shots. Coat- Men’s Oversize Coat Bag- H Hat- Urban Outfitters Boots- Zara

Masculine Coats

Missy Rayder by Laurie Bartley for Harper’s Bazaar UK October 2010 I don’t buy British fashion magazines and I sure as hell don’t subscribe to them.  However, I was in the hair salon recently and came across this spread and LOVED it!! Besides the gorgeous Mid-Western Missy Raydar, I love the masculine tailoring of the … Continue reading

Supa- Star!!!!!!

I was minding my own business, walking in Soho on Christmas Eve and BAM a guy with a camera asks to take my picture.  Well, my first impulse was to say “fuck off”, but then he said the magic words, ” I’m a fashion blogger & I love what you are wearing & I want … Continue reading

So What, Who Cares!!!

Yup-Yup!! I just destroyed an entire bag of chips, while still wearing my lululemons from working out earlier!!!! Please dont mind the camel-toe. Jealous????? Click on the link for my response