Kindra, Katie or, Katy’s Teenage Dream

I am loving Katie’s top!! Mostly because it reminds me of my current manicure. Check it out, don’t mind the old lady hands:-).  The polish below is from Katy Perry’s collection and I love all of the colors.  Do you? Buy the polish here

It’s Here! New Sweet Valley Book Released! |

Normally I wouldn’t post twice in one day, but this was absolutely necessary!! OH HELL YES!!!  The tween in me is gagging.   Check out the author’s website here Pre-order the book here It’s Here! New Sweet Valley Book Released! |

You Had Me At The Poster

Over the weekend me and  the man went to see Limitless(hated it) and I noticed this poster in the lobby.  I heard the novel was amazing, but I must say they truly had me at the poster.  I’m not sure what its about, but I will definitely be checking it out.  Especially since the boyfriend … Continue reading

Table For 1

One of my favorite things to do is to go on dates with myself. Work has been hectic this week and I needed some solo time, so I went to one of my favorite restaurants, Markt, a classic Belgian brassiere.  As you can see I ate well, sorry about the entrée shot, but as you … Continue reading

Meatloaf Recipe, That Will Make You Smack Your Mama!!

No judgement about Katie Joel and her marriage situation!! I don’t know if she cheated on old ass Billy Joel or what, but what I do know is-her cook book is DA-BOMB!! I have made this meatloaf countless times and it is a huge hit.  I can honestly say its tasty, easy to make, and … Continue reading