You Had Me At The Poster

Over the weekend me and  the man went to see Limitless(hated it) and I noticed this poster in the lobby.  I heard the novel was amazing, but I must say they truly had me at the poster.  I’m not sure what its about, but I will definitely be checking it out.  Especially since the boyfriend … Continue reading

What About Bob

Lately, I find myself tearing more and more magazine photos of girls with bob hairstyles.  I’ve been wearing my hair long for so many years, that its hard to imagine having it differently.  Although, having a bob will not be new for me, after all that’s how I had my hair my entire Senior year.  Check … Continue reading

Leather and Lace

Golden Globes Edits

With the exception of Natalie Portman and her award I could give two shits less about what else was going on!! That being said, I hated her dress, so she will not appear below. Obviously someone like myself, who use to wear hazel contacts, crop top shirts with nylon Adidas workout pants, shouldnt be judging … Continue reading


As her famous stylist, Rachel Zoe, would say “she shut it down!!!” Wedding Dress Alert!!!! I’m infatuated with this Valentino dress.  I love the fleshy pinkish nude sequins, but it would take a village for me to afford this dress, so if anyone from J Crew’s creative team is reading this, please holla back when … Continue reading