Doesn’t this face make you smile????? This sweet boy is my nephew Jul, and he will be 1 on May 16th.  His mom, Danee, is one of my best friends and for the last couple of days her and I have been having a slumber party in Brooklyn. Sweet story..she told me that one night … Continue reading

Pretty Please!!!

I think the  picture says it all!  The weekend went way to fast!!! I had a blast, but I wish tomorrow was Sunday & not Monday. Oh well, such is life!  I had a very satisfying girls night on Friday. Lots of sushi, wine, and inappropriate conversation;-).  The pics below are not from Friday, but … Continue reading

Totally BFF’s

Baah not really, BUT she is the person who originally recommended Fifth Avenue by Essie to me.   True story, I was in Soho a few years ago with my bestie Cerelina getting a mani/pedi.   Well, who walked in??? Miss Whitney Port did. Nina & Whit(since we are buds I can call her that) … Continue reading

Secrets To My Serenity


Dear John…You Just Got Drunk Mail

I love you! Happy 50th birthday!  I’m so glad that Ngo and I were able to celebrate you last night.  I’ve known you for eight years and it was love at first sight.  I will always cherish pour laughs, dirty looks, nods of mutual understanding, and our  like-minded behavior.  Its nights like last nigh that … Continue reading

20 Minutes In Heaven

Dear Danee, Thank you for stopping by the other day!  You truly brightened my day and have for SO many years!  In between you having two kids, a loving relationship, traveling to Seattle, Texas, Hawaii, and New York all in less than 30 days, breastfeeding, etc.. you still find time for us.  Thank you for … Continue reading