Why Are You Spinning at 8:30 AM Everyday?!?

To look like this— For when I go here— Zamas Tulum  for my buddy Ash’s birthday and here with my bud Lauren— Dreams La Romana-Dominican Republic

Second Skin

Got Sex?!?

Where do I start? Loves the turtleneck and chain. Loves me some Blake & Jessica. Did you not die over Jessica’s makeup?!? I love the eyeliner and lipstick choices. The ear muffs are dope. I love a good thumbs up. Congrats on the sex & fireworks coming out of their junk–PRICELESS.

Madamoiselle Blake

I love her Christian Louboutin’s, but I wish someone would have given her the next size up on those shoes. Past entries on Blake and Chanel Click here for Chanel Lust Click here for Blake & Chanel Sitting in a Tree xoxo

Blake and Chanel Sitting In A Tree

What can I say?!? I love them both a- LOT and I’m a huge fan of this collaboration.  Simply put, I dig you Karl and your art via Chanel & if I was one of the girls from RHOBH, my closet would be stacked with your creations!  Blake, love your name, love your style, love your … Continue reading