Totally stole this from two of my favorite bloggers Snips and Snails and Puppy-Dogs’ Tails, & LifeLoveLawton— A. Age: 29, but I’m knocking on 30’s door B. Bed size: King, although I sometimes wish for a Full to sleep closer to the Man(he does NOT) C. Chore you dislike: NONE- I’m a Virgo I am … Continue reading

When Billy Met Silly…

Starring: OMG, so excited to do this blog!! .  Today is one of my most dear friend’s one year anniversary as being a mama.  I’m talking about Brooke Hall, aka Billy.  Happy birthday to her & her cutie pie son Lawton.  I last spoke to Billy two weeks or so ago, and before then, we … Continue reading

Oscar Season

Kate Hudson(Brooke Hall) announced my category which was “Most Stylish Blogger Award”, and guess what, I won!!!!! I’m very excited to give my speech and in case you are wondering what designer I’m wearing, it’s a mint terry cloth robe by Restoration Hardware.  Here we go I have a few minutes and 7 things to … Continue reading