Totally BFF’s

Baah not really, BUT she is the person who originally recommended Fifth Avenue by Essie to me.   True story, I was in Soho a few years ago with my bestie Cerelina getting a mani/pedi.   Well, who walked in??? Miss Whitney Port did. Nina & Whit(since we are buds I can call her that) … Continue reading

Secrets To My Serenity



Stop this shit Tom & Kate or Katie, whatever!! Don’t trip, you know she looks just like that damn doll. I mean, what the hell is in her bag?? My guess is her mommy & daddy’s careers—-THAT’S RIGHT, I SAID IT! If you like the polish on my thumb, its Luxedo by Essie.

Do I Make You Horny?!?!

So, I bought these Jimmy Choo by H&M leather pants a couple of years ago , and I was obsessed.  I’ve worn them countless times and to this day people ask me about them.  Well, since someone(this girl) decided to do a 5 day vegan & organic juice cleanse, the damn pants don’t fit anymore. … Continue reading