Brunch Fashion

She is fabulous and has inspired my brunch attire with my besties this afternoon.  I plan on wearing: black American Apparel t-shirt Gap Always Skinny Jeans in indigo black ‘pashimina'(its fake and i love it! $10 on the streets of NYC) Uhmmm- I will NOT copy her queer lifesaver platforms, but instead wear my Frye … Continue reading

Got Sex?!?

Where do I start? Loves the turtleneck and chain. Loves me some Blake & Jessica. Did you not die over Jessica’s makeup?!? I love the eyeliner and lipstick choices. The ear muffs are dope. I love a good thumbs up. Congrats on the sex & fireworks coming out of their junk–PRICELESS.

What About Bob

Lately, I find myself tearing more and more magazine photos of girls with bob hairstyles.  I’ve been wearing my hair long for so many years, that its hard to imagine having it differently.  Although, having a bob will not be new for me, after all that’s how I had my hair my entire Senior year.  Check … Continue reading