Chanel Moments

Look at what I got in the mail. Thanks to my purchase in January, it looks like I’m on the mailing list.  Check out the look book.  Clearly everything in here is all in my wet dreams, because home girl does not have 8k laying around for a jacket, holla if you hear me!  BUT … Continue reading

Damn Gisele!

No words needed Except, Victoria Beckham Oh, and GOD DAMN!!!!!!!

King Of The World

Ok, I get it Leo, Bar is really hot and I must admit these pictures are flattering.  However the star for m is the Jimmy Choo bag.  It’s from their new line and its name is Rosalie(so pretty) and the bitch costs $1495.  I have two trips out of the country before August, so unfortunately … Continue reading

Freida Pinto: Glamour Goddess

SOURCE: You know her from Slumdog Millionaire Look for her next in Miral Immortals Rise Of The Apes GLAMOUR: How is it possible for you to maintain your privacy in India? FREIDA PINTO: Here you have to do Bollywood films to be recognized, so I’m lucky. In the morning, I jog around the park … Continue reading

Brunch Fashion

She is fabulous and has inspired my brunch attire with my besties this afternoon.  I plan on wearing: black American Apparel t-shirt Gap Always Skinny Jeans in indigo black ‘pashimina'(its fake and i love it! $10 on the streets of NYC) Uhmmm- I will NOT copy her queer lifesaver platforms, but instead wear my Frye … Continue reading

Madamoiselle Blake

I love her Christian Louboutin’s, but I wish someone would have given her the next size up on those shoes. Past entries on Blake and Chanel Click here for Chanel Lust Click here for Blake & Chanel Sitting in a Tree xoxo

Elizabeth Bennet-2011 Interpretation

To be honest, I don’t especially love her films, but I do love her hair, men, paparazzi photos, and she has a nice rack!  I saw this Interview Magazine spread and I loved it! Click here for the full interview by Justin Timberlake

Blake and Chanel Sitting In A Tree

What can I say?!? I love them both a- LOT and I’m a huge fan of this collaboration.  Simply put, I dig you Karl and your art via Chanel & if I was one of the girls from RHOBH, my closet would be stacked with your creations!  Blake, love your name, love your style, love your … Continue reading

Starry Pair

Did you guess right??? Its Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson.  I think they are so beautiful and it’s SO obvious how in love they are.  Besides the look of love on their faces, check out Diane’s fashion choices in each picture.  She is effortless and stunning and in case you missed my previous entry on … Continue reading

Winter Kate

I would wear every single thing in this slideshow and her man Alex Skarsgard, I would definitely hit that!