Chanel Moments

Look at what I got in the mail. Thanks to my purchase in January, it looks like I’m on the mailing list.  Check out the look book.  Clearly everything in here is all in my wet dreams, because home girl does not have 8k laying around for a jacket, holla if you hear me!  BUT … Continue reading

Cotton Candy

Gagging, I love her! Pink lace with blue shoes–WERK. I would swich closets any day of the week. Dress: NO.21 Shoes: Brian Atwood

Elizabeth Bennet-2011 Interpretation

To be honest, I don’t especially love her films, but I do love her hair, men, paparazzi photos, and she has a nice rack!  I saw this Interview Magazine spread and I loved it! Click here for the full interview by Justin Timberlake