Second Skin

Got Milk

You Said It Will Smith!

Guess what?!?! The loser link once again wont embed, so just picture me singing Welcome To Miami via Will Smith:-) I’m so excited I could throw up.  I leave tomorrow morning and I will be there for a few days.  I need the sun, beach, and  ocean OH SO MUCH!!! I will blog from the … Continue reading

Space Between Things

I didn’t have a gap, in fact my brother had one and asked my mom to get it filled in.  I thought it was a great idea,because that space wasnt cute.  Fast forward, and I think the space is quite beautiful on some people(not me).  I think its cool, in spite of social norms, that … Continue reading

Lucid Dream

I love this commercial and as you know I love me some Lara!  Although, it makes me sad for some reason.  I think the combination of the somber music and the neutral shades of her wardrobe, mansion, private plane, etc… creates this feeling for me, where I think she’s fabulous, but it comes at a … Continue reading

Model Spy!

Lara Stone! I dig her and think she is so stunning and unique.  For starters, she has a huge rack that is naturally hers,a gap in her teeth and she never corrected it, and has an exclusive contract with Calvin Klein, so she only has to work 3 mos out of the year(BITCH)! I first … Continue reading