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Why Are You Spinning at 8:30 AM Everyday?!?

To look like this— For when I go here— Zamas Tulum  for my buddy Ash’s birthday and here with my bud Lauren— Dreams La Romana-Dominican Republic

Style Spy:Leighton Meester

Pepé Le Pew

I love this trend, in fact I plan on trying it in the Spring. I dig an unfinished look, something a little quirky and not so perfect.  Here are some of my favorite “ombre” and/or skunk edits.

Golden Globes Edits

With the exception of Natalie Portman and her award I could give two shits less about what else was going on!! That being said, I hated her dress, so she will not appear below. Obviously someone like myself, who use to wear hazel contacts, crop top shirts with nylon Adidas workout pants, shouldnt be judging … Continue reading