Pepé Le Pew

I love this trend, in fact I plan on trying it in the Spring. I dig an unfinished look, something a little quirky and not so perfect.  Here are some of my favorite “ombre” and/or skunk edits.

Space Between Things

I didn’t have a gap, in fact my brother had one and asked my mom to get it filled in.  I thought it was a great idea,because that space wasnt cute.  Fast forward, and I think the space is quite beautiful on some people(not me).  I think its cool, in spite of social norms, that … Continue reading

I Whip My Hair Back And Forth

Yep, that’s right!!! I think you can gather from the picture that I had to fire someone, again!  This time it was easy as hell, and I felt they didn’t  deserve a call, so I did it via email, holla! To spare myself a potential lawsuit,  I will not write the details that led up to … Continue reading