Jane Eyre

I would set Ngo on fire(kidding) for this man!! Listen to me when i say, The MOST romantic film I’ve seen in years.  GO SEE IT!!

Eat, Pray, Puke

HATED the movie. The best line was “having a kid is like getting a tattoo on your face, you have to be committed to it.” GENIUS.  The second best part, was the credits rolling. LOVED the book. Nuff said! Kindra out!

You Had Me At The Poster

Over the weekend me and  the man went to see Limitless(hated it) and I noticed this poster in the lobby.  I heard the novel was amazing, but I must say they truly had me at the poster.  I’m not sure what its about, but I will definitely be checking it out.  Especially since the boyfriend … Continue reading

It’s Like That Song You Hear, And You Have To Dance…

This song played throughout the movie and I personally LOVE it, however I sent the link to my man and he said he only played 30 seconds before “turning that shit off”, exact quote!  I think it’s a very romantic song and considering he just bought 12 down south rap cd’s clearly he isn’t the … Continue reading