So Happy I Could Die

After six long weeks my boyfriend is back home.  That is all:-) They say a picture says a 1000 words, well this is how I feel.

Sharing IS

Morning World, My boyfriend sadly and suddenly lost his baby brother on April 24th.  Obviously losing anyone is traumatic, but to lose someone so young and so soon is beyond my comprehension.  That being said, he is wrapped tightly and fiercely in love,! I’m so happy that his parents and most of their family are together … Continue reading


I love you, its that simple.  I could make a list, but fuck it.  Thank you for waking up everyday.

My Man’s Night

Wow what a wonderful evening! I was so proud to share in celebrating Ngo. A couple of weeks ago,  Ngo & I went to an event called Face to Face which celebrates fascinating Africans commited to excellence. Well, Ngo was one of the honorees and I couldn’t be prouder. Check out the invitation with the … Continue reading

Those Were My Eggs, NOT Yours~

I totally understand Meatlaof’s wrath at Gary Busey!! On last week’s episode, he thought Gary stole his paint when in fact he did NOT, but hey who doesn’t love a BIG Man Child Tantrum?!? I just finished throwing a similar tantum at The Man for eating my omega, non-antibiotic eggs.  I was so, so, SO … Continue reading

Dear John…You Just Got Drunk Mail

I love you! Happy 50th birthday!  I’m so glad that Ngo and I were able to celebrate you last night.  I’ve known you for eight years and it was love at first sight.  I will always cherish pour laughs, dirty looks, nods of mutual understanding, and our  like-minded behavior.  Its nights like last nigh that … Continue reading


Oh hell yes! The Man is finally home in the morning.  He tried to keep it a surprise, but my mom accidentally forwarded me his Delta itinerary(oops), so I know that he will be in the door a little before midnight.  That gives me plenty of time to hide most of the candy and snacks … Continue reading

Hey Mr. Music—Happy 70th Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday Daddy!! Today is your 70th birthday, and even though you are not here in the physical, we continue to celebrate your spirit that lives through your wife, your children, grand children, great grand children, etc… and this world.  I will spend today remembering all that you are and all that I aspire to … Continue reading


Happy Valentine’s Day Lovers!  I am spending the day by myself, because the man is in California.  However, the cutie pie didn’t forget me, in fact he surprised me at work with these last week: Happy Valentine’s Day Ngo, Thank you for loving me so well and for being my shelter.  I feel like ‘our … Continue reading

Touch Of My Hand

This picture is literally me for the duration of this weekend!!! My man is in LA until the 17th and I’m home alone.  In his absence, I have made sweet, filthy and passionate love to the following: No lie, I went to Whole Foods today and got the following: two bite brownies brown rice sushi … Continue reading