Georgia May Jagger–Style File

Georgia May Jagger, offspring of these two: I featured Georgia in my previous entry–Space Between Things-–because I dig her imperfect smile.  She has done campaigns for Chanel, Versace, Hudson Jeans, Rimmel, etc… Check her out. PS- pay special attention to her nails.  She wears a lot of fun colors.

Totally BFF’s

Baah not really, BUT she is the person who originally recommended Fifth Avenue by Essie to me.   True story, I was in Soho a few years ago with my bestie Cerelina getting a mani/pedi.   Well, who walked in??? Miss Whitney Port did. Nina & Whit(since we are buds I can call her that) … Continue reading

Pepé Le Pew

I love this trend, in fact I plan on trying it in the Spring. I dig an unfinished look, something a little quirky and not so perfect.  Here are some of my favorite “ombre” and/or skunk edits.

Granny Vibes

Chanel Lust

What can I say?? I love them! I want one!! They are too damn expensive, but I have panic attacks & wet dreams about owning one.  Thanks to some inspiring words & amazing generosity from my sweet boyfriend, that dream is coming real very soon. In the meantime, I spend hours googling “celebs carrying a … Continue reading