Fabric of Life

Raphael Saadiq

Last night I went to the famous Webster Hall to see the yummy Raphael Saadiq.  He and I go way back to his days in Tony, Toni, Tone in elementary school and I’m still clapping my hands and stomping my feet at damn near 30 years old. My friend Sarah knows his manager  and I … Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day!! Love You Gwennie Pooh:-)

Body By Dita

She is a brick.shit.house-HAWT as hell!!  I sometimes think of her while I’m in spin class is that weird??? Happy Friday Click here to read some of her inside tips. Source: New York Times Domains | Dita Von Teese Show Stopper Interview by EDWARD LEWINE Published: March 30, 2008 Biggest misconception about burlesque: That it’s … Continue reading

Crave You

One of my favorite songs right now. My mom is in town and we are having the best time!! Happy Saturday.

Jane Eyre

I would set Ngo on fire(kidding) for this man!! Listen to me when i say, The MOST romantic film I’ve seen in years.  GO SEE IT!!

You Said It Will Smith!

Guess what?!?! The loser link once again wont embed, so just picture me singing Welcome To Miami via Will Smith:-) I’m so excited I could throw up.  I leave tomorrow morning and I will be there for a few days.  I need the sun, beach, and  ocean OH SO MUCH!!! I will blog from the … Continue reading

Bridal March

The Last Emperor is a movie that will stay with me for a long time.  It was visually stunning and the fact that its more than two decades old and it still holds up, is a testament to its beauty. Read the New York Times Review 1987 I cry every time I hear the score, and … Continue reading

Move Bitch!!! I’m Inspired.

Carmindy + Me= iPhone APP

My friend and beauty expert Carmindy, asked me to be a model in her iPhone App and I said HELLS YES!! I mean, the opportunity to be a part of this new technology and have it downloaded by millions, uh yes please! We shot the app last year and all  in one day. It  finally launched … Continue reading